EMC, ahead of the curve

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  1. From the Minecraft Upcoming Features page:

    "Stackable items now stack outside inventory when thrown to the ground individually."

    ...my first thought was, "don't they already do that?"... then I was like, oh wait, that's just Justin being a wizard.
  2. No, it's Jeb_ secretly coming on one of the servers and being like "holy icecreamcow this is genius"
    But we are ahead of the curve. And Justin is still a wizard.
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  3. Hm... Will the real Jeb_ please stand up?
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  4. Im here guys. You wanted me?
  5. hey Jeb, how's things at Mojang?
  6. Also, S_R_L_B, you might wanna change the color of the second "click please" in your signature... at the moment it looks like "lick Please!", and my computer screen doesn't takes very good.
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  7. Oh god.... xD
  8. Fixed it :D
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