EMC Advent Calender 2014

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  1. It's almost not really nearly Christmas but it is almost nearly December. On the 1st of December many people open the first doors of their advent Calender. This year I am going to be making advent calendars on Emc.

    What are they?
    A wool, Christmas themed advent Calender with 25 doors.

    What do you do?
    Everyday of December, log online and open the dates door.

    What's behind the doors?
    The amount of money made will be put into a pool, and I will buy items with the money and put in chests behind the door. The items are randomly put in, so for example... Advent Calender 1 could have 2 rare items and 23 normal items but advent Calender 2 could have 15 rare items and 19 normal items, it is all luck! The top items will be posted here on the 30th November

    Top items...
    Wait until 30th November!

    How to get an advent calendar?
    Just post below, pay the payment, then give me perms (I can be trusted) or you can arrange a time to meet so you can be there when I have perms!

    How much do they cost?
    They cost 2500r per Calender, you may have multiple!

    I will start the rupee pool with a donation from myself of 10k and a special rare item!
    Thanks, Merry not really nearly Christmas!