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  1. As 2013 comes to an end for us on the empire, what has gotten accomplished? We've welcomed many new staff members, staff have been promoted to senior staff, much more events that if I listed would be too much to read.

    What did you do over 2013 on the empire? What do you have planned for 2014?

    Over 2013, I haven't done much to be honest. Or as much as I would've liked to. But 2014 will be a revolution for me, I plan on:

    - Perfecting my wither farm

    - Making a shop on smp5

    - Starting a wild base with friends

    - Working on crazy mob farms and redstone assorted things

    - Making a museum and collecting all the promos!

    If anyone would like to help, feel free. This is a multiplayer server and if I did everything myself, I might as well play single player. :p

    So what are your goals in 2014?
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  2. I want to build my theme park *a year late*
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  3. I have a few goals for 2014

    • Hit 500k

    •If dragon tombs are out, compete and win an event in a tomb

    • Be able to stock my enchantment shop consistently

    •Get one stack of beacons
  4. Some things accomplished in 2013. All of the Resolved things on the EMC tracker. Bear in mind this was created in March. I think that is fairly significant. -> Link

    Additionally the brief synopsis in the Wiki Timeline
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  5. Still waiting for that 10k to be spent somewhere :p
    I want to help Sam's outpost (accepted wooooo)
    Maybe make a wither farm, and become a highroller :3
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  6. It will be, I'm hiring some skilled contractors to do some work for me :p
  7. Well, I'd like to do the following things:
    Reach 500k
    Get a DC of diamonds
    Get on the front page of life TEXP
    and I guess that's it. :p
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  8. Well,
    I myself have a thread of what I plan to do in 2014,
    but I haven't said what I wanted to be.
    I have seen countless times people say they want to be a moderator, a mentor, a pvper, a economics expert,
    be on the front page, be on the top leaderboards, be cool, be different, things that... I think anyone including myself would like to be...
    But I'd like to be myself, as I always will be no matter which direction the current takes me.
  9. Me:
    Try to get on EMC as much as I can
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  10. I have accomplished nothing over the course 2013. Every project I started has been trashed. So hooray for me! Anyway, I'm turning over a new leaf this year. Here are some goals:
    • Finish the 8961 Survival Center
    • Finish my Horse Shop and Racetrack
    • At least get a good start on my Business Center and Shop
    • At least get 4/5 through my Museum
    • Successfully run my soon-to-be-approved outpost
    • Make some more friends
    Despite my zero accomplishments, I have had a few highlights this year:
    I invented the Qwerty Rush (insert evil laugh), I made some great new friends, especially this past month (you probably know who you are ;)), I spread some love, I got seven heads in an IcC Head Drop, and best of all, I simply stumbled upon this server and decided to give it a try. Thank you for all that you've done, EMC. I hope that I can server you better in 2014.
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  11. I agree with hashhog3000. What would make me happy about 2014: is if I just could finish my current projects...
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  12. Well, on my main account, I'm barely 100 days old so I didn't get much done expect be well known for my cheap horses and passion for them, for 2014 I plan on
    • opening all 3 of my malls across emc
    • Collecting as many promo horses as I can
    • Hit 1 mil
    • Get as many followers on this account and more than my main :)
  13. 2013 was a series of ups and downs for me. I got a Wii U last Christmas which has enlightened me with more in-depth knowledge about Minecraft. My computer was having stressful problems over the summer, and during the same time period, the way I think dramaticly changed after reading the book Tuesdays with Morrie. Now, my PC's computing power rose even more than from last year.

    Over my time on EMC, I had reached these accomplishments on SMP5:

    • Enderman Farm (with ender pearl elevators)
    • Blaze Farm
    • Underground Iron Golem Farm
    • Moved Residence closer to spawn (The address is now 10087 rather than 11375.)

    What do you expect to see in 2014 from me? A headquarters, castle, and possibility other structures.
  14. In 2014, I would like to:
    • Create my museum
    • Obtain an extremely unique item for my museum
    • Obtain a second dragon egg (reg)
    • (Possibility) Obtain a third and fourth dragon egg (reg)
  15. In 2014 I wana:
    Mak all teh mob farms 1 per month
    Make shop
    Hit 1mil.
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  16. Well I own 11111 on smp5 its a cool res number obviously not a spawn res but as I said a memorable number and make rupees by making a supply co. and renting out floors for shops in my mall and so on. :)
  17. 2013 was pretty much a crappy year for me. I lost interest in what was once my favourite game - Minecraft. I have also been waiting for GTA V for a vvveeerrryyy long time, only for my mum to just say 'no' when I ask for it. She said I could get it for Christmas - but, as I expected, I didn't. She thinks I have to do inappropriate things. My computer has problems running Borderlands and Borderlands 2 - both of those games i've wanted for a long time, too :( And also becoming a teenager has crushed me, with the realization people expect me to be more 'grown up' - but i'm the exact opposite of that. I like doing childish things. And also, I invested over 30 hours of playtime into a Skyrim save and then overwritten it by mistake, thinking I was loading it up and not saving -.- I got my backup file, but it turns out it was corrupt. I did get the save back, but whenever I load it up, the game crashes -.-

    But on the bright side, I did get Skyrim - my 2011 Christmas present I didn't get :p And I also regained interest in Doctor Who - I can't say I love it as much as I used to because Steven Moffat can't write, but atleast the episodes were all better than the abomination that was 'The End Of Time' :p I also gained an obsession over Fallout. It did last only from September until November, when Skyrim took its place - but I still love it - just not as much as Skyrim, unfortunately.

    14 is my lucky number. Or my favourite number. Actually, both. So i'm hoping I will have the dedication to save up for GTA V, convince my mum that I don't have to murderize strippers in it, get the Dawngaurd expansion and also the Hearthfire add-on for Skyrim. And also turn 14, because quite frankly, I hate the number 13. It brings so much bad luck :p I also plan to start a Youtube channel. And also i'm hoping to actually get a life. Most of 2013 was spent cooped up inside my room. I've also always had back problems my whole life and sitting in a chair for what is usually 12 hours a day doesn't exactly help. Surprisingly, i'm still skinny. Like, really skinny. Way too skinny. And I eat, so frikking much. So, 2014... I'm 3 hours into it.

    Plans for 2014;
    • Hold the EMC Olympics. Yeah, I did plan this for August 2012, but things didn't go to plan. I planned to hold it in February 2013 but then things just sort of went all, bleh, and I forgot about it. Although it will be held. Hopefully in 2014. But maybe 2015. 2016. 2017. 2018. Maybe...
    • Try to regain in interest in Minecraft. But, I think this it for me here. I think this is where I get off the Minecraft lovers train.
    • GET. A. LIFE.
    • TURN 14 (Hopefully I won't die in the space of now until May)
    ^Joking. Psh, who needs girlfriends, especially when all the girls you know aren't very nice to anyone and you're too much of a nerd to actually get one and you really can't be bothered dating or looking after anyone else outside of your family for that matter... oh lord, I am sad. Really, really sad...
    So, what you're probably (not) here for; the cups of tea I have drank over the course of 2013. This is what every Briton should do at the end of the year. So, here it is:
    I have drank 1,095 (One thousand ninety five?...) cups of tea. It could be more. I'm pretty sure it's more. But all my calculations give me that, so...