EMC 1.5 Block & Item Sell/Buy Centre | /v 4005 on SMP2

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  1. Hey EMC!

    Right now, at 4005 I have set up an area for everyone to buy and sell me me their 1.5 items and blocks. Just step on the TP at /v 4005 spawn on SMP2 and sell to your hearts content! If you're looking for quick and easy cash come over and sell your hard-earned goodies. :)


    Enjoy 1.5 and happy shopping. :)
  2. What's the difference between a dropper and a hopper? And I will probably sell some stuff to you soon.
  3. Droppers drop items like arrows, splash potions, Mob Eggs, Etc. Hoppers pick up items and place them in chest, furnaces, Etc.
  4. Thank you! :D
  5. Wait did we update?
  6. Yep, we're now on 1.5.1. Read the homepage :p
  7. Pfft. I'm on my ipad and I only click home when I click the wrong button. Lol. I'll go read it now.
  8. Stocked up on a dc of quartz, quartz blocks and quartz ore combined. :)
  9. Single chest full of quartz ore now stocked
  10. Restocked about 10 stacks of quartz ore
  11. omg why haven't Ive been at your shop more
  12. Because you're living under a rock? Jk! :p
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  13. I really am.. have you seen my 1.5 minecraft house? I've been living in the basement doing redstone contraptions for a week now.
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  14. Restocked a LOAD of Quartz - now on the Cyan and Red floor though. Also selling 16 beacons at 10k each on the red floor :)
  15. imagesCA7HZPL7.jpg
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  16. Restocked 64 qblock and about 7 stacks of quartz