Emails Galore!!

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  1. So I haven't checked my email for a couple of days (the one I use for all my gaming registrations).........



  2. Wow that is a lot, do you subscribe to every thread?
  3. Nah lol just the threads I respond in, I like seeing if someone else has commented... you know just so I can stay updated. :)
  4. I had to turn off email notifications to subscribed threads, they were incredibly overwhelming.
  5. Yeah is that the default to subscribe? This is for the most part a base install of Xenforo and I never really messed with that stuff at all (the defaults).
  6. Haha I think it is default :D
  7. Yeah it automatically subscribes you to threads by default and sends email notifications, but by only disabling the latter I still get the alerts in the top right of the page.
  8. Ahh I see, nice
  9. if you saw my hotmail inbox you would cry...
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  10. I prefer it to remain default to 'Watch Thread' in any one that I respond to. I also enjoy receiving an update email for the times where I am not actively visiting the forums. I have my mail client open and every 5 minutes it pulls down new emails. This allows me to remain up to date on new information and once I decide I have seen all of the information I am interested in, I 'Unwatch Thread' and no longer receive notifications. :)
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  11. Yea thats what I do :), I actually dont mind getting Emails from the forum
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  12. One thing that Xenforo lacks for me is the ability to subscribe to a forum.

    This allows you to subscribe to the news forum for instance and once a day/week/month it will email you when new threads are posted in that forum so you can stay current with the whole forum.

    I could whip a little code to implement it if you like.
  13. You just love whipping up code don't you? Code and banana muffins.
  14. Banana bread!
  15. This reminds me. I've been meaning to ask: How do you turn off the email alerts? They unneccesarily fill up my inbox- I read through all my alerts when i sign into the site, so they're redundant for me. I have looked into turning them off but couldn't figure it out. (I'm hopeless)
  16. Go here: and un-tick the box that says "and receive email notifications of replies". That will stop the site doing what we will change next.

    To remove all instant email notifications from old threads go here: and place a tick in the box next to each thread, once does for all the ones you don't want emails from go to the bottom of the page. You will see a box that says "with selected..." and a go button. Hit the with selected and you should see some options, click "disable email notification" and hit go. you're all done, you wont receive emails from watched threads on EMC any more, but you will however see it at the top right of the website. (the little red box with a number)
  17. Thankyou! I feel stupid now, but I'm a stupid person who will no longer receive too many emails! :D
  18. You'd be surprised how many people wont know how to do that.

    You're welcome.
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