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  1. Ok 2 questions

    1) does the end reset? If so when.
    2)Is all of the elytras gone?? I walked to the edge of then endand didnt even find the end city :( Is there a specific part of then end orsumtin

    btw im not a n()()b i went in the 2nd end portal with an enderpearl
  2. 1) The waste end resets, and I believe it's the same dimensions as the waste overworld (12k by 12k?) but I haven't played in a month or two so...
    2) In the waste end, most probably as it is quite small and lot's of people want them. However the frontier end is MUCH bigger and your best chances are currently there
  3. how can i get there? the way i got there previously was going to/fnether (smp5) and using the portal there are you on? can u take me there please?
  4. Coming