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  1. Hey fellas! Ive been playing on smp3 for a few days now, and i thought its high time I introduce myself.

    They call me elite_pantz, but mostly pantz for short. Name comes from my old counterstike days, even owned my own server and forum for a spell- so id say i have an eye for well built communities, and let me tell you, you guys have one here! I love it so far, and I'm glad to become a part of it.

    I'm no stranger to minecraft.. i put probably way too many hours into it. between this and skyrim I've neglected any other game for some time, haha. I think i discovered it right when it was coming out of alpha? I dunno. Long time ago.. lol......
    I'm actually working on a huge project right now over on SMP3.. its a re-creation (well its supposed to be) of a landmark..(im not gonna say which one just yet) the scaling is going to be a bit off.. but hopefully you'll be able to tell what it is once i get done with it.

    Peace :D
    And happy new year!
  2. Great to have you! I remember the counter strike days, great times, did you play TF2 much?
  3. I have it... and i play it every so often. but now its just become "the game with the hats" plus.. TFC any day ;)
  4. That's the reason we still play it on the Xbox 360. It's without the weapons and the maps, but it's still pure TF2 at heart. <3
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  5. Winning