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  1. Alright I made this super fast elevator. You can check it out at my residence, #1167.

    *Remove the screenshot because this cant be explained by a single picture.*

    I will be building this and adding the option to have different floors later on, when I get enough resources to build it -,-.

    Also, I will be installing this for you. Ask me for a price and materials calculation and I'll be happy to rig your house or shop with an awesome elevator!
  2. hey i really want 1 ill get teh items for you and yoiu will make it in my res k please say hi to me on teh server and remind me i want 1
  3. Just improving it at the moment. I upgraded it so you don't even have to get your lazy butt off the elevator. Pistons push you off safely onto the first floor. I must say, it's expensive but extremely fun building this piece of work :)