Electro's almost 100 day Scavenger hunt.

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Electrobomb, May 1, 2013.

  1. I will host a scavenger hunt on my utopian res 5318 very soon. I have the area set up with 32 chests, but i do not have all the items for them. If you would like to donate rupees (to buy items for the event) or donate worthwhile items to my, FEEL FREE!!! I have a hopper at res 18894 on smp9, just walk forward from spawn. This week will be my 75th day, but im pretty sure the hunt will not happen that soon, I want to let a lot of people know:D It will be more next weekend after this one most likely. I WILL EVENTUALLY post the date a while prior to the event, so keep watch and tell your friends! DOnt even bother trying to bring enderpearls. I do have an AMA post if you want to ask me anything.
  2. Anyone? donations or somethin to say or you like it or something? someone say something! Say if youre going to be there
  3. someone. should. really. post.
  4. Sounds cool. I'll be there possibly
  5. anything i have ill donate to your hopper for the scavenger hunt! :)
  6. Awesome! thanks man!