Elder Scrolls (Skyrim) Online?

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  1. So i was reading a magazine of gamer stuffs, and i came across an ad for "Elder Scrolls Online" (basically skyrim multyplayer) and It looked really cool, and multiplayer skyrim would = Awesome to the max. So i was wondering, whats your guys' opinions and does anyone have details about this?:rolleyes:
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  2. skyrim would be awesome if it had multiplayer :)
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  3. Use all the Daedric stuff and kill ALL the noobs!
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  4. I know i was just saying Elder Scrolls online is basically skyrim online
  5. I wish there could be a multiplayer where you can do quests together and kind of create your own guild.
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  6. I haven't read much about it, but it's going to have the three provinces of Cyrodiil, Skyrim, and Morrowind at launch.
    Here's a some screenshots.
  7. :O
  8. Looks kinda disappointing, imo.

    Alot of these screenshots doesn't have the TES feel, looks more like a generic flashy mmo.
  9. To be honest, I think it has to do with making the game more resource friendly to a lot of people.
  10. They should use Morrowind graphics. Because it would have the TES feel, most computers could run it, and they could get away with an insanely huge world because of the non-demanding nature of Morrowind.
  11. I think TESO has potential. If done correctly.
  12. *cough* Bethesda *cough*
  13. This game looks rubbish, quite frankly. Just read the PCG article on it and the journo who's writing about has a negative tone throughout basically saying; "Here comes a run of the mill MMORPG with nothing to make it stand out."

    Not wasting my time with it when it does get released. I've already tapped in my Planetside 2 beta key and will be looking forward to that instead. :)
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  14. The Elder Scrolls Online? Judging by the pics I have seen and the amount I've heard of it it doesn't really even LOOK or FEEL like Skyrim or Morrowind. No way I am downloading or wasting my money on it, instead, i'll be downloading Dota 2 on release and I've already bought Diablo III.

    So now, i'm playing Diablo III, Dragon's Nest, and i'll soon be onto Dota 2.
  15. SKYRIMS AMAZEING But fallouts pretty cool too!!!
  16. In terms of graphics, it is more similar to Rift than WoW, and Rift's visuals are immensely superior to WoW. It's ridiculous to expect it to be on par with Skyrim since that is a singleplayer game, so they can afford to boost the visual fidelity. Like xxgtasaxx and SillyWhiteMage said above, MMO graphics have to be inferior to accommodate the vast number of players both in the world and on screen at a time (200) and to make it accessible to far more people.

    Yes it looks like yet another typical MMO, but in interviews with Paul Sage, he describes a gameplay system that seems to feel more like Skyrim than WoW. You appear to have far more choice regarding how your character plays. It may not be as flexible as Skyrim, where you can decide at any time to start using magic instead of swords, but it definitely seems like there's a similar concept of interchangeability within the bounds of each class.

    He also emphasizes that the game is more "reactive", meaning you have far more control over how you play the game. So instead of standing in one spot using a dozen abilities in specific rotations to kill a mob and moving to the next one, you might be able to lure a mob to a specific area to use the environment to your advantage, or sneak around them to avoid combat entirely. It seems to suggest that they are avoiding the generic kill quests and ingesting a more story-based quest system where the objectives are more than just killing a certain number of mobs.

    Also, there won't be dragons.
  17. This sounds a lot like The Old Republic. Just saying.
  18. MMO: The best way to ruin a game franchise. :')
  19. Why is everyone so negative I've played skyrim and oblivion loved them both but always felt it would be more fun with people to play with.