Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (Xbox One Edition)

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  1. So as many of you know, I have an Xbox one and every so often I write a thread about what game I'm playing and/or the game I want to release sooner so I can play it more.

    If you haven't noticed, that game is ESO. Naturally I would like to remind you that this game will NOT have a monthly subscription, they removed that forever and a half ago for Xbox one/ PS4 edition, yet I'm not quite sure if ESO has a subscription for PC edition.

    Now ESO is an MMO that adds all of Tamriel (Elder scrolls base world) all wrapped up in a nice little online package

    The release date for the console version of this game is June 9th, 2015. As it seems at the moment there will be no midnight release unless you buy digital. So basically go to gamestop or where ever you buy your console games when the place opens to get your copy of ESO.

    Now I will warn you, as it seems thereis no way to pick pocket like there was in skyrim but never the less the game will still be good.

    If you haven't played an Elder scrolls game well let me tell you, the soundtracks are amazing. ESO is no excuse, and with the amazing graphics for you character and being able to change almost everything is just amazing. yes, you can even make your character buff, skinny or even fat.

    Now, I'm just going to wait for the release of this game now, Let me know how you think of the game and if you're buying it or not :)
  2. I can't wait for this to come out, I'm super excited. I know it will be a little different than their previous games, but they have not disappointed me yet!!!
  3. Is it worth getting from the looks? I have to choose this or Borderlands for Xbox One....
  4. That's tough. I already have borderlands, but if I had to pick between the two I might lean towards elder scrolls.. and you should get plants vs zombies on the xbone.. it's a blast!!!
  5. getting EA Access again soon... :p
  6. You'll have to join us when you do..! One of us, one of us!8
  7. Well, as of now it looks like I will be creating a sword and shield Templar tank build, also EbonHeart Pact For the Win!
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  8. I loved playing Oblivion and Skyrim, but I think I'll sit this one out until I know more about it. It hasn't excited me that much so I'm not going to dive in and buy it just yet :p
  9. I've played Elder Scrolls Online back when it was in Beta, and I played it after release. I would run with Borderlands. ESO is a terrible game, with or without a monthly subscription - and most of the stuff in it is guarded by a paywall now, or so I've heard (and believe, since the game is a cash grab done by one of Zenimax's studios to see if they could bank in on Bethesda's success and so that Zenimax could get more money from Elder Scrolls >.>)
  10. This game isnt requiring an online monthly sub like the PC once did thats why I was debating between the two.