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  1. Biscuitboy5396 - Nick
    Haha i feel like after 70 days on this server i should finally introduce myself however redundant it sounds.
    I am a 15 (presses wrong year on my info) soon to be 16 year old working at a supermarket.
    I live in the big city (NYC). My favorite Hobbies are Minecraft (DUHH), Baseball, Football. Piano. Singing. Hanging out with my friends and just having fun. I have been playing Minecraft for about 6 months now and well have been hooked since the start. I found EMC after playing on a friends server for a while. Due to the GREAT staff here and the great atmosphere i immediately loved it here and because of that 69 days later I help keep it running!

    Res 10005 SMP5
  2. HAI I WUB NYC used to live there
  3. Well hope your enjoying it here :)