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  1. Why is everyone expecting people to sell beacons for low prices like 14 or 15k? Arent the prices of beacons around 20k?

    Alot of work goes into a beacon, i think the price range should be between 18k and 20k no less :p
  2. Price increases or decreases according to 3 things:
    1. Difficulty to attain
    2. Amount of item on market
    3. How lazy people are. (not wanting to go get it themselves)

    In the case of beacons, the average is about 14-15k at the time based on personal experience.
  3. Yes, but they are sorta difficult to attain
    Not everyyyyone has them :rolleyes:
    And most people are too lazy

    I dont know im just (poorly) ranting :cool:
  4. 1. not that difficult once you have wither skeleton farm
    2. i have seen SOOO many on auction forums
    3. people are lazy to a point

    In addition, in last 3 days I have turned down buying beacons from 3 individuals, all offering it for 16k.
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  5. Simple supply and demand. The first one I heard of sold for 75k. They were 25-30k for a while. They've been around 20 and less for a few weeks now.

    They'll keep going down then they'll bottom out somewhere. The price will rise a bit as people grow tired of farming them or the get rich quick crowd goes after the next new big thing(coughquartzcough), and they become less common.

    They don't exactly grow on trees though and there are people who can't or won't go to the Nether to collect the skulls needed to produce them so they will always be a relatively high priced item.
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