Eggified Sheep don't keep their colour

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by kilmannan, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Probably been mentioned in the huge Update post, but here's a proper post for it:

    When you stick sheep that have been dyed, they don't keep that colour when you spawn them.

    Is this intentional or a bug?

  2. its a sheep egg, as far as im aware its always gonna be a white sheep. not a bug imo
  3. Correct, this is not a bug, but it is a bad user experience I agree. The eggs are part of MC, and I am just using what they provide. Sadly I can't attach extra data to them to maintain color.
  4. I think that's fine, else it would just make dyes even more obsolete than they already are.
  5. True. I wonder what the price will drop to on sheep, seeing as all you need to keep 'em going is wheat.

    1 Sheep for 1r!
  6. 1r ? that's insane!
  7. It's more than do-able. I've got a sheep farm, I've got a wheat farm. A few hundred sheep in about an hour of breeding.

  8. i will buy some :) i think
    (than killing them for xp)
  9. The problem is storage. Eggs are not stackable, so it will not be as easy as melon or pumpkin harvesting. Therefor I doubt the prices will go too low. Also, animals are very popular for new players, so as long the Empire gets immigrants there will be a demand for eggs.