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  1. Yes eggification is great but when i went to collect wool from some residence's with free shearing i noticed all the sheep were gone! Especially at Catball's and at res 6966. Both these residence's had everyone on use flag which also mean eggification. So i was wondering if some people had taken the opportunity to steal sheep and other animals or if it is simply a case of the animals being moved?
  2. All of my sheep seemed to despawn as well, and I had a SIZABLE wool farm going... also I seem to be having some trouble eggifying animals. When I right click them, they just disappear. No egg appears in my inventory or for pickup. Anyone else having these issues?
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  3. What's that Skippy? There's Rustlers stealing all the Sheep? Get the machine gun!

    *Starts to clear up the trails leading to his new Sheep farm on Utopia whilst looking incredibly shifty*

    (No, it wasn't me!)
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  4. this can be easily solved by blocking everyone from eggifying, but still allowing use (this might work :p)
  5. To let you all know, I am pretty sure that Justin recently changed the requirements for eggifying from 'use' to 'build'. That should solve the problem.
  6. When eggification was first implemented, it was set to use the "Use" permission flag. Justin has since then updated it to use the "build" flag, but if this occurred before he changed it, then the "use" flags were the culprit. I'm guessing that it shouldn't be a problem anymore.
  7. there should be an "Eggification" flag.
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  8. yes because i have people who i need to let them build ( like people i am paying to build me this cool thing ) but i don't want them to steal the poor defenceless sheepies! an eggification flag would be good.
  9. A specific flag for the eggification process would be ideal, but it's been said that adding in new permissions flags is actually a lot more work than most of us might think. And that's a large part of why it's been changed to the build flag; you should only give it to people you really trust to not steal or destroy your things. If you don't trust them, and choose to provide them with the flag anyway, then it's best to at least be present to supervise their actions on your lot.
  10. I love the messages when you eggify something, they amuse me. -Just thought I'd put that out there (-:
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  11. Why not just make them eggs when you give people build flag?
  12. apparently today i harry pottered a sheep :D
  13. Well, instead of giving "build" flag, try giving them "place" and "destroy" flags. They can still break/place blocks, but should not be able to eggify animals.
    Note : Didn't test this. ;)
  14. Its the only way to do it ;-o aha.
  15. what is a place and destroy flag! never heard of them. isn't there only use,build and container?
  16. No... There are some "hidden" flags that are not listed...
  17. ok cool thx!
  18. This will work, I should add it to my awesome list of flags. (As a separate use for Place / Destroy)
  19. Just tested, it works. Here's a screenshot.

  20. They wont retain their color