Eggification bug

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  1. I don't know if this bug is already known, I searched the forums but couldn't find an existing post or mention about it.

    If your inventory is full, and you attempt to make an egg out of a creature whose egg type you're already carrying, the server/game will tell you "No free slot in your inventory to place egg." If you then free up an item slot, you are able to turn the creature into an egg, but it doesn't occupy the item slot you freed up, instead it stacks onto your existing egg item slot.

    You'd expect—as is the case with all other items in Minecraft—that even if you have no free slots, you can still receive more of that kind of item as long as you have a non-full stack of said item already in your inventory.
  2. I've run into this a time or two, but it never really bothered me. I just drop something, make the egg and then pick the discarded item back up.
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  3. Yeah sorry this is on my list of bugs to fix :) It is because when I first created the plugin you couldn't stack eggs.
  4. Wow Justin!!!

    I knew your servers have alot of cool plugins installed but I had no idea u created anyone them!!
  5. It's more of a "most of them" than a "some" ;)
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  6. Does Justin have some sort of degree in computing or is he just epic at programming
  7. He is too awesome for a degree.
  8. What a silly thing to say!
  9. What do you mean D:
  10. Exactly what I said...
    I think it's sad that someone having a degree somehow makes them "less awesome" to you.
  11. He doesnt need one he is way too awesome for one. He made EMC have 10 servers now!