Efficient Farm

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Which is most efficient?

Diamond Shape 2 vote(s) 66.7%
Straight lines 1 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. So lately i have been wondering what is the most efficient sugar cane farm FOR EMC. I know that the newer diamond shape one has the least probability for getting caught, but i also know that emc has a plugin of some sorts that puts items together to reduce lag. This got me wondering is it then worth it to just do your basic lines of sugar cane, even though there is the chunk loading glitch, or will you get more doing the diamond shape, which has less sugar, but is supposed to have less chance of getting stuck on blocks. If you have anymore questions on what I am asking just post.
  2. Efficient how exactly?

    Efficient on space, production, cost, what?

    The diamond shape does not give 100% drop rate. they still get caught. Mine gives 100% drop rate. There are also other designs.

    Why don't you build multiple designs, and test in practice how much they produce?

    I didn't vote, because the two choices are not the only options. :) and 'straight lines' doesn't make a farm efficient. Efficiency has nothing todo with lines :)
  3. Efficient meaning it produces more than the other in the same amount of space when left running. Would u allow me to see you design
  4. my sugarcane farm as on 10034 (the res is laggy sorry, be warned)

    pugsfury has built a similar style (his is more like my original design before i altered it to what i have now).