efficiency II, unbreaking II, fortune 1 Diamond pickaxe

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  1. This auction is for an unused enchanted diamond pickaxe.

    Efficiency II
    Unbreaking II
    Fortune I

    I am looking to auction off my diamond pickaxe, as listed above. Accepting all offers. Good luck!

    *Reserve price: 1800r
    *Minimum increment: 100r
    * Voting will end in 24 hours (1030am Eastern Time)
    * You must collect the item from my lot at 12142 in SMP6. I will set up a chest for you.
    * Rupees only!
    * It is unused!
  2. Oh sorry
  3. Auction is over, looks like Jonyal99 won. as soon as i receive payment I will set up chest at my res for you to pick item up
  4. if he doesnt pick up can i have for 2.5k
  5. Yes, he has 12 hours from time of auction ending to pick it up, or i will continue to accept bids.
  6. Ok im picking it up
  7. What server
  8. SMP6 12142
  9. Winner not paid, i will defer to Sk1llz0fapr0 as winner now. you have 12 hours to pay. once i receive payment I will set up a chest on my res for you to pick item up.
  10. I pay really i did