Efficiency 2 Diamond Pickax NEVER USED

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ridinsolosolo, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. I have a Efficiency 2 diamond pickax that i want to trade for around 8 stacks of coal.
  2. How about 1 stack of coal?
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  3. I am not sure Eff. 2 is worth 8 stacks of coal, >.< but I could be wrong :)
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  4. If you buy coal for 100r per stack that would be 800r. And Efficiency II pickaxe DIAMOND would be worth 300r.
    800r > 300r
    So its only worth about 3 stacks of coal
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  5. how about 5 stacks?
  6. Did you read my post? -_-
  7. Well you post is wrong so.....
  8. Not its not. Meh, im leaving. Apparently your determined to get a lot of coal.
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  9. not worth 8 or 5 stacks :p
  10. hmmm.. why don't u use the eff 2 to mine coal :D?
  11. or oction it off and use the money to buy coal
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  12. eff 2 dosent really get u far :p
  13. I see you started to color your text. Watch me, i will too. :p
  14. Very cool
  15. btw why do you need do much coal?
  16. maybe he's smelting heaps of cobble for stone?
  17. Maybe Just Maybe
  18. I couldn't handle the pink, everything started turning pink.... *blacks out*
  19. Use your dayly sign in bonus, that is 700 rupees, enough for 8 stacks of coal :)
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