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  1. We are now ready for service! If you need anything done then post below. We will build pretty much anything for you, we specialise in all styles and will do the job cheap! Place your order today.
  2. we get some of the best and nicest builders in smp5
  3. Members: Me, Strawberries4me, Owain1012, bigfoot2991, Ramheart28, Mighty_qWan and TheJuv
  4. Btw, the 1st customer will get a massive discount*

    *75% off
  5. Do you have a portfolio?
  6. What exactly do you do?
    Just build? Supply? Etc?
  7. Just build
  8. Well i can list a few residences we have worked on... If thats what you mean
  9. what is the price of your service?
  10. Depends on the build
  11. If you are uncertain about how good our building skills are then check out these places:
    11463, also do /v 11463 top, 11464, 11313, 10664, 10617, 11227 and the is more
  12. Anyway what is so bad about us?
  13. I need a base built on my 3rd res. I won't be on tonight, but I probably will be on tomorrow. I want it to be made out of netherbrick, (I will supply) and with blue carpet, tables and a work room, with maintenance tables and chests. Thanks!
    Am I the first customer?
  14. Nothing is bad about this service, but Businesses and Products threads need to be more detailed. I recommend you go to your original post here and edit it so people have more of an idea of what you are doing.

    List what kinds of builds you do, give people some options, give them some ideas on pricing, give them a format for them to submit to you, if you add things and make your thread easier to understand then you will pick up lots of customers over time!

    I hope this helps! :D
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  15. Yes i will talk to you later :)
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  16. YAY
  17. do you build farms too?
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  18. Yes we can
  19. we take the job
  20. Any chance you guys can build an automatic farm.... and where it collects at the bottom?