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  1. Join the Epic Empire Mooshroom Group!
    Free weekly mushrooms!
    Two free mooshroom eggs!
    16 free mycel!
    Half Price wheat!
    Join Now!
    Please donate 10 bones monthly!
    Tell your friends!

    Only 15 rupees to join!

    Only pay when Cocopop99 is online or you will not get into the EEMP
    This is also on smp7!
  2. What exactly is this?
  3. something i made up
  4. I mean like what is the point of the group. Also i will join.
  5. Free mooshrooms given completely out of kindness?
    Don't know how, but it could end up in a full out riot....
    loljk, great idea.
  6. em its not alot of payment XD
  7. Shhhhhhhhhhh
  8. cant we get abit more
  9. Be glad you get anything, don't be ungrateful ;)
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  10. wow alot of stuff on my group thingy in 1 day.. :)
    so pay me wen im online
  11. Why do we have to wait until you're online?
  12. O rly...
  13. im gonna need bone meal so every month donate 10 bones plz
  14. i did
  15. please say something wen u seee this
  16. dude ill say cheese :) haha ;)}
  17. but what it does??? exactly
  18. are you seriously asking for more? that is highly rude...
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  19. how do i get off this conversation because i dont have email address so all the messages that come to me here go to my mum! how do i end it!