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  1. About a couple of months ago, you could edit your post in an auction, any post, your bid, a comment, but no, you can't even edit the First post (The auction list/what your auctioning off) on the thread you made.

    I think the owners of the auction should have the power to edit the main post, becasue maybe they forgot to add in some coloring, a picture, mispelled some stuff, or another reason. And yes, it might be abused, but, some for most people, it would benefit, and if caught they will get kicked/perm or temp banned from posting on an auction thread, or making an auction thread.

    Like, for example :

    items : 2 doubel chest of brick blokcs

    start bid : 1k

    min, bid increase amount : 2

    end : 12 huors after dis post

    This would need some improvement, like, if you were in a rush to get to work, or something else, and you were typing as fast as you could, and then posted the thread, and then came back, and edited the mistakes, maybe put some color for the appeal, and a picture. I like visual aids.

    Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?
  2. I never really noticed it.
    I always make sure my auctions are good before posting.
  3. It does make some sense, but take this as an example:
    Owner of the auction posts: Item: 1 double chest of glowstone
    People bid up to 60k
    He changes the OP to a double chest of dirt.
    You did say that IF he was caught he would be punished but, how would he be caught?
    IMO, this shouldn't be allowed.
  4. I too double check, but, mistakes sometimes slip by you.
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  5. True, but, they would have the auctioneer's claim, so therefore, the owner of the auction would be suspended for auction access or be perm banned from access to auctions.
  6. Sorry, but this isn't going to be changing. Any staff member will gladly fix any mistakes in an auction thread if you ask them though.
  7. It sounds like a good idea, but Auction holders could do something like edit the starting bid after somebody has bid.
    Things like that are actually against the rules and will get the auction holder blacklisted from holding any future auctions.