Editing software help?

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  1. hey guys i do youtube videos but i wanna do one when i ask and see a forest of trees grow, i wanna speed it up so its like a time-lapse, any ideas? i really wnna know now ?
    person to sugest a good one gets 2k
  2. do you have windows?
  3. I suggest you use "Sony Vegas".
  4. Link to youtube channel please?
  5. I think Mac has it's own software for it, I think it's about 200$
  6. Avid Studio, I think?
  7. Well thats expensive :p
  8. what is it?
  9. windows has a free video program
  10. Video pad by nch software has a free trial and u can speed up videos.
  11. well that really helps since he has a mac. also windows movie maker sucks.
    and since its a mac, i cant really suggest any... shady... means of getting... certain things... for um... a hefty discount...
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  12. You could also use the YouTube video editor it's really easy to use and free, though it may not have all the features you want to use. I will have a look for some decent video editing software tomorrow (as it is 3:20 am at my house)
  13. For the mac go ahead spend 400 dollars on finalcut pro it is a pro editing software with tons of features to help you along the way.
  14. I'm 99% sure there's a way to speed stuff up in iMovie. If not, find a copy of FCP. That's what we use at the MineCast (and unfortunately, why we can't put out new movies during the summer).
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  15. Sony Vegas 11 baby!
  16. Just wondering do half of you guys even "pay" for your editors loool.. I have Camtasia 8 and 7 those are for mac have 30 day trials, I also have Pinnacle Studio, Roxio Capture thingy for my 90 dollar cap card, and Sony Vegas Pro 11.. I'm not short of video editors haha
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  17. imovie dosent let me use the files which the screen flow are saved to :(
  18. Blender, Avidemux, Avid Xpress Pro / Avid Free DV / Avid Media Composer / Avid Liquid, EditDV/Cinestream, Adobe Premiere/Premiere Pro / Premiere Elements