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How do you get materials?

Poll closed Feb 2, 2013.
I buy 100% of my materials in shops. 3 vote(s) 3.8%
I gather 100% of my my materials from the wild. 8 vote(s) 10.3%
I buy less than 25% of my materials from shops. 29 vote(s) 37.2%
I buy more than 25% of my materials from shops. 8 vote(s) 10.3%
I buy more than 50% of my materials from shops. 11 vote(s) 14.1%
I buy more than 75% of my materials from shops. 19 vote(s) 24.4%
  1. Welcome to the first of Mel's EMC economy survey.

    Just out of curiosity I am asking you - the EMC user - to answer this one question poll. As a new shop owner, I find the EMC consumer to be a slight mystery. This will be the first of (unspecified number) of polls created to help me better understand the consumers' needs. After all of the polls are answered, I am going to collect the data and I will release my report to the EMC community.

    I ask that you answer honestly. The poll will be private, so no one will know how you answered. please read the questions and answers carefully. If you have any questions please ask. The poll will close after 3 days, and a new poll will be posted.

    Please spread the word, and have your friends answer the poll. The more data we collect the more accurate the information will be.

    Thank you for your time. <3
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  2. I wonder how the results will turn out :)
  3. so what are trying to prove by this?
  4. I'm not really trying to prove anything. Just trying to collect data to share with the community. Data that I believe will be helpful to shop owners.
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  5. another helpful economy analysis would be things in high demand other than rare ores etc
  6. Yeah, I plan to get into different topics such as that. If anyone has ideas for poll questions I would be very happy if you would PM them to me here on the forums. It will be easier for me to organize them there than here in the public forums. I'm afraid they might get lost.
  7. 34 votes. Anyone else care to weigh in?
  8. "Mel's Economy Survey" I really had to stop and think for a second here XD For all those who dont know what im talking about, there was a "Mel" on SMP3 like a year ago who really run economy back in the days when all servers were full. But I guess melody you have a right for this shortcut too XD.
  9. I used to by more, but never more than 25% of my mats came from shops.
  10. I only buy from shops when I'm in a hurry or too lazy to go out in the wild to get it. This works for small quantity like 1 or 2 ink sacs, or with large quantity like stacks of lapis, gold, or diamond. Everything in between such as wool,wood, and cobble I'll harvest myself. On the rare instance that I'm having bad luck, as in the case where I burned to death in the nether losing all the soul sand, armor, weapons, and food, then I would/did just go buy it from a shop.
  11. Yeah, that is basically how I have done it in the past. Or if I'm working on a project. go out and gather a bunch of materials but find myself like half a stack short - ill run to a shop and buy it.
  12. Hmm, this does seem interesting, but how how would it help you to "better understand the consumers' needs"?
    Just curious about that.
    I just don't see how knowing how much of stuff people buy from shops will help you.
  13. Its one of several questions I plan to ask to gain a better understanding of consumers, overall. I will also include poll questions about the types of things people buy, and other shopping habits.