Economy plugin of EMC?

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  1. The plugin i've been using for my server for the past few months uses iConomy6. However, i've just updated the server to 1.2.3 and iConomy has been abandoned. Just wondering, does anybody have a brief idea of the economy plugin EMC uses? Or is it a part of the 'Empire' plugin that JustinGuy made?

    Also, if anybody has any simple to use economy plugins like iConomy they can reccomend I use until iConomy is updated i'd be very greatful.
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  2. I am sure that Justin has made a ton of special adjustments to EMC Ecnomy plugin so that it will work cross server but I am unsure if you can get it "pure" :)
  3. I believe I read that he created his own out of dislike for the exploits of iConomy.
    As a server owner I can recommend BOSEconomy for a simple set up and functionality.
  4. BOSEconomy is awesome :D
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  5. 99.999% sure that the economy plugin used now is completely custom made and that it's not available for download (so part of Empire).
  6. Yes, Our rupees system is the bare essentials we need and nothing more.
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  7. I would recommend BOSEconomy or the one you get with Essentials, but before I would switch to any of those, I would try use iConomy for bukkit 1.2.3 build, in a 1.3.2 bukkit build, it might work as bukkit is an API :)
  8. so, is it downloadable from
  9. You can download most plugins from bukkitdev,
  10. ok, cool. might put it on my server!
  11. ok
  12. It appears iConomy has been abandoned, and is not recommended you use it.

    Essentials has an Economy support, but requires some tweaking to really get it working, and Essentials provides many many useful tools to a server admin, however be sure to disable alot of commands if you want to keep it vanilla like, such as /tpa, /sethome and /back...
  13. I can't figure out HOW to disable /back. My Friend kept using /back when i was trying to troll him on my server, and i got annoying ;)
  14. set -essentials.back

    its default allowed, you have to force it to denied with the - prefix.
  15. ok, thanks!
  16. I hate essentials, most of the stuff really isn't essential :p