Economy 1.8?

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  1. Hello Empire!
    WOW, what else can I say? Slime blocks, Diorite, Prismarine, Sponges, Rabbits, So much has just gotten poured into our economy! Anvil changes, broken emerald farms, a lapiz market, Wow! Some of you may have been to my semi stocked minimall on smp3. If you havent, It's a small shop selling only common building blocks and enchanted books. I do pretty well ( not in the welfare line quite yet) but I am pretty unsure moving forward. I am not sure if I should invest my rupees in goods and products, or sell my items and cash in?
    I know emc is full of opinions, so let's make an interesting thread out of this:) what is to become of our economy with the update? Will this be like the internet boom of the last 2 decades? Or will rupees be worth nothing due to inflation? One thing I can say is demand for goods will most certainly be going up.
    So mall owners, farmers, promo collectors, contractors, and anyone else, what is the update going to do to EMC?
  2. the economy will fluctuate a bit for the next month or so. Then it will level out and people will accept that as the new norm. People who only made rupees with emerald farms will move on and find a new get rich quick idea. I don't even own a shop and I'm doing okay. It's all about what you want to do and how does it relate to making rupees. Hopefully it will see more people out in the wastes laying waste to the waste. Shops will always buy and sell and make a profit doing it.
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  3. Enchanting will be broken, aikar is going to fix it but in the mean time I might just have to take advantage of 1.8 enchant costs.

    I don't see slime lowering price, it seems like the current auctions have little attention (from my experience, that is why it is good not to post an auction with same items as someone else, it lowers the attention to your post!)

    I'm not sure about the new stones... how hard are they to find? Are they in large quantities?

    Sponge will have a high price.

    Rabbits will be a get-rich-quick for people, for a short time.

    All guardian related stuff will be priced high until people have farms up.
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  4. Incredibly easy to find, especially in extreme hills biomes. I like that this update is freaking out the economy though. Maybe people won't complain about being bored anymore since there are new things to do, find, sell, and buy.
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  5. sponge wont raise in price until all the nearby monuments are picked clean then its gonna jack up.

    aside from rabbits the other new blocks arent rlly rare, when monuments spawn in ocean biomes they reset that chunk, so you can find new blocks pretty close in the wild including big ole chunks of the new stones
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  6. Thought this thread could use a refresh, been a whole day of 1.8:)