[Economics] Item Prices Predictions and Facts!

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  1. So, this is a different type of thread. I decided I am going to post economical up and downs for item prices, and this seemed like a good price.
    Now here is a little what to expect in the future when 1.8 comes out ~ predictions ~
    ~ Iron will likely rise in value as iron farms have been buffed.
    ~ Gold will rise as well, for a similar issue.
    ~ The Emerald market might be back after 1.8; Villager trading has been changed to a more permanent trade system. Meaning yes you can still trade for paper, but there cannot be infinite villagers made after 1.8. This will likely be a good thing for many with high stock of emeralds.
    ~ Stone, Cobblestone, and Variations of it (as shown in snapshots) will likely get new prices. Stone and cobble might be sold at a little bit of a lower price due to Iron and Gold getting buffed (Mining Trips.). Any variations will likely sell for a high price for a little bit until stock meets demand.

    The above is just predictions for right now, but when I hear word of anything getting changed, I will post it below. For example I might say one day: Sugarcane prices have dropped as Villager Trading will be changing, and people want as much emeralds as possible before the update (NOTE: This statement is not true, I just used it as an example.)

    Tell me what you guys think about it, and please tell others about price changes also :)
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  2. Your predictions doesnt take into account that iron golems will spawn at a much greater rate, at the only downside that u have to kill em yourself (with a looting sword?) Iron prices will not rise unless they break the farms completly
  3. We have an entity cap on the server of 100, meaning only 100 mobs can be in that area at a time. Since most people afk at there farms, they won't be able to kill them till they get back for the iron drops. :p
  4. that wont matter. But they have talked about changing how a "village" is valid, I dont know in what form tho sadly(and it isnt the final word about it either)
  5. 3 doors = one villager can be bred.
    However, they must be willing to breed by trading with them first. So trading > breeding > spawning golems > killing > drops. And yes, the ent. count will matter, as it has in the past for any XP grinder.
  6. They are talking about making "villages" (not villagers) valid in a different way, like.. Now its enough with a block above the door and light next to it. But they are talking about making the creation of the village more advanced(hopefully this doesnt go through)
  7. ...
    Well, we will see what happens after 1.8 :p