Eclipsys/RaNiSiMa EMC Residence Combo | By Eclipsys

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  1. Hello peeps!

    I've been working on a small project in Minecraft Single Player. I wanted to show you the results that came out!

    It is a Residence combination of RaNiSiMa's ''Moderator Monument'' on Utopia and my own residence ''Eclipsion Gentlemans Club'' on SMP1 (841)

    I've combined both residences into something new and huge :D

    Leave your reactions/suggestions/constructive comments below!

    Likes are welcome if you like my work :D



    javaw 2012-02-16 13-47-07-10.jpg javaw 2012-02-16 13-47-16-45.jpg javaw 2012-02-16 13-47-35-40.jpg javaw 2012-02-16 13-48-05-37.jpg
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  2. **EDIT**

    I'll be combining more residences when I come across them and feel the urge to modify :D
  3. **EDIT** The entrance looked ugly, so i took it down
    javaw 2012-02-16 15-46-05-96.jpg javaw 2012-02-16 15-46-24-91.jpg
  4. it looks nice :)

    do you have a copy of the town world? or did you just recreate it for this project? it would be cool if there was an empty town like world with a couple of lots to practice things in creative mode before building them on the server.
  5. Check the Private Conversation I've started with you :D
  6. O.O
    U will get Ph.D Architect one day XD

    Maybe Ph.D Architect from EMC today XD
  7. What does Ph.D stand for xD? My google says its Doctor of Philosophy XD
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  8. yes it is. It the one above master degree. Become a professor XD
  9. What does philosophy have to do with architecture
  10. It's just a name lol.
    It's more like a professor :D
  11. :confused:


    all i have to say!

    EDIT: nvm... wondering how you'll scale the fountains down so they dont take half the plot already =) remember utopia is 120 not 60 =P
  12. im not gonna build this on a SMP server xD Thats simply impossible =p
  13. why impossible... you already build Dragonia.... so it can be done!

    Read my sig... (not the supporter part)
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  14. LAWL xD
  15. It never was a Moderator's Monument :)

    Was intended to be EMC's Community Memorial

    but never finished it =(
  16. Looks awesome Tim :D
  17. You can finish it in SP, i can send you the map =p?
  18. It is a utopia map?
  19. It is a SP version of Utopia, but has the residence on it =p
  20. Ahh u got everyone's house! :D