Eat, Sleep, Conquer... Marlix!

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Have you conquered your Marlix before?

Yes I have Conquered him! 10 vote(s) 43.5%
No I never did. 12 vote(s) 52.2%
Who is this Marlix? 2 vote(s) 8.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. After a long and grueling battle with Marlix, I managed to defeat him on a Sea Battle. I Defeated him with my trusty Enchanted Bow I called Artemis. I managed to take a few snapshots from the fight. He did drop much, just some EXP, Skeleton head, 24 Shining Arrows and 3 Dragon Stone Fragments. I’m surprised that his minions didn’t drop anything. This was my first time to beat him ever in a fight. My previous encounters were not quite acceptable maybe even laughable, but now I have redeemed myself. Booyakasha!!! I’m in the Butter Zone now babe!!!

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  2. Congrats. :) Marlix is an annoying monster to beat. I much prefer Momentus, seeing as you give him a couple of good smacks and he goes running for mommy.
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  3. I have begun to read your threads starting at the end of the OP to see if this is your last statement lol.
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  4. I would love to fight a Marlix over water.
  5. Thanks. You know he seems to appear a lot when I go out to gather. Almost as if, he holds a grudge over me. Like for example I’m on smp1 and I’m out in the wasteland wilderness foraging for stuff to take back to my home like good little Pandas always do, when suddenly the message pops up, "You sense an eerie presence..." and then poof! He was on me just like a fat person likes cake. Then I usually runaway because previous encounters left me dead and someone else killed him, but not this day! I had Artemis with me so I was not afraid this time along with my new armor set up.

    Weapon and Armor Setup
    Note: Items were renamed on an anvil while applying their enchants.

    Artemis: An enchanted Bow with Unbreaking 3, Power 5, Punch 2, Flame 1 and Infinity 1 applied to it.

    Daguman’s Voter Helmet and Boots

    Dagu’s Chest: Enchanted Diamond Chest Plate with Unbreaking 3, Blast Protection 4 and Thorns 3 applied to it.
    Dagu’s Legs: An enchanted Diamond Leggings Plate with Unbreaking 3, Fire Protection 4 and Thorns 3 applied to it.

    Skull Breaker: An enchanted Diamond Sword with Unbreaking 3, Sharpness 5, Looting 3, Fire Aspect 2 and Knockback 2 applied to it. (Used for melee encounters)

    Then when I decided to go on to a different SMP Server, then poof he is there again! I do not know if it is luck or if he actually hates me!
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  6. definitely strange because I've seen about a dozen Momentus' but haven't seen a single Marlix yet :(
  7. That's weird? I have always seen Marlix, but never have I came across Momentus and I travel all over the place far away from the Outpost into the borders that tell me to go back because I can't go any further.
  8. I lost my best horse and armor to a Monumentous ;( I hope I can find all these monsters and come back home alive with a few trophies.
    R.I.P. Bronco
  9. I have never seen a marlix or monumentus. How do you find them?
  10. Random spawns...
  11. Never seen any minibosses, always look for them with no success ;_;
    Would anyone help me find him? :)
  12. Don't look, just be prepared for anything when leaving town.
  13. I usually come across him when everyone else is at the town chatting away and I'm the only one out at the wasteland wilderness. I notice a lot of people mostly stay in town when I'm on doing stuff at their plots or someone else plot, not wanting to leave the town and only getting the stuff they need by shops in town. If they would only come out of their snug and safe little plots and join me, they would experience these encounters that I have had. I came across Marlix 10 times, but defeated him once because most times he appears when I'm not ready for a Mini Boss fight.
  14. Lol
  15. 2014-11-06_22.14.33.png 2014-11-06_22.01.26.png Once again Mr. Marlix and his friend has been taken down by me and some other players. My shout goes out to havioxs and epic0258 for helping me defeat those 2 mini bosses, Momentus and Marlix, earlier today! You guys are in the Butter Zone now babe!!! Remember people! Eat, Sleep, Conquer... Marlix and Momentus! Booyakasha!
  16. ^^ that's a Momentus, not a Marlix
  17. I didn't upload a picture of Marlix because I assumed that everyone knows how he looks by now. Here is the Picture I uploaded earlier showing them both appearing at the same time at my location while I was hiding in a cave.

    Momentus and Marlix.png
  18. Take me with you sometime to fight them :(
  19. Sweet! I love dual boss fights!
    *whoops out the potions!*
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