Easy way to screenshot (For mods and users)

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  1. Here is a link to a Zscreen download:

    Zscreen is a simple to use application which when you runs it lets you take screenshots very easily. Open the app, and leave it in your background, whenever you have need to screenshot just hit print screen and Zscreen will take that picture AND upload it to imgur.com (a free image sharing site). It will ALSO provide you with a link to said screenshot in the app itself.

    I find this very useful and i hope others on here will too! :)

    EDIT: here is a screenshot i took highlighting the link to the image i was referring to in the above paragraph

    NOTE: the image is one i took from another server. I won't disclose which one. I would have used another but I'm using my university internet and its being annoying D:
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  2. Thanks, this is a very useful tool for everyone, i appreciate the post :)
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  3. hehe not a problem :D
    Only posted it because I see quite a few instances in the forums where people say "I got griefed" or " I was robbed" ect and the reply is always "Do you have screenshots" or something similar :D This makes that whole process very easy, or at least easier :p
  4. I hope for your sake that this was not a screen shot from within the empire, i.e flying is not allowed XD
  5. hehe as i added in the note, This was another server :p.
  6. Woops never saw the note :p
  7. What are you downloading on steam? :p
  8. hehe At the time of this scrrenshot, I think it was Battlefield? xD :p
  9. Lol nice XD
  10. If you use Alt+Print Screen does it support just the focused window like normal? If so this is win :) I was actually thinking bout making something like this as a MC mod but this is better :)
  11. hehe I haven't tried the alt+prtsc myself. It's too easy just to print screen and take the shot. it even uploads quickly too (depending on your internet). If needs be you want to check the image before you post, you can just click on the image in Zscreen before posting the link ect.

    but i'll get back to you on the alt+print screen :p

    EDIT: Huzzah! alt + print screen works! :D
  12. And good ol' F2 ?

    Anyway, thanks for the link, already found a use for the app outside MC :)


    I obviously couldn't read :D this is indeed great.