Easy money via voting for me

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  1. Basically i need someone to vote for me, they will get all the rupees. Just make sure the vote bonus goes up by 1 everyday :D
  2. Isn't this a coincidence? =P
  3. Ive needed it for ages, been asking around for people to do it for ages =P
  4. Wish I could but I can't even find time to vote for me! Sorry bud
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  5. They will get all the rupees... Does that include the rupee bonusses? Because somethimes you get 30 or 60K, and I can imagine you would like that for yourself :p
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  6. Including the rupee bonuses
  7. Then I might be interested... Let me think about it :p
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  8. I could do the job :)
    I vote daily, so my streak is at 551 days
  9. K, I will sent you the payments of rupees weekly, any specific day you want them?
  10. It doesn't matter :)
    So I will start voting tomorrow at the same time I vote for myself :)
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