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  1. So, I live in north eastern Ohio, and the past two days we have had sub-zero temps with wind chills in the -40's! And since we get our water from Lake Erie and the inlet pipe is frozen, our city is shutting off water to our city and all others surrounding us.:(

    So, how is everyone else feeling the weather the past week or so?
  2. I got 1 word for you. Canada. :p
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  3. 2 Letters. CA.
    Super Warm here right now, only problem is flight delays due to the cold >_<
  4. Well in Saskatchewan its kinda finally warming up a tad but night time its get to a low of -50
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  5. AWWW!! Thats not fair!
    This has actually been the coldest temperature here in two decades. Darn you, Ion!!