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Do you like this idea, do you think the website would make voting more faster and disierable?

Yes, I do. 1 vote(s) 50.0%
No, I dont. 1 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. Hello guys, I've previously thought if the emc voting system could be a bit easier to use so with a little bit of html and css i made a system with going to the same website but staying on the same one would speed up voting and making voting more deliverable. I also made a little coting banner. these are in .html formats means its pratically a websiite just not hosted or anything. If it gets accepted the file would just have to be uploaded to a domain, or a page off the domain. Try it youll even get your votes in if you havent voted today with this. It'll work for everyone. ONLY OPEN THE INDEX.html one itll be where it starts the other ones are the other voting stuff for it :)
    No viruss.

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  2. I downloaded the link and opened and I can assure anyone who downloads it will not get a virus. I do not see a problem with the current voting system but I do sort of like this.

    Basically it displays the site inside the page:

    There is a next bottom at the bottom:
  3. There was a system like this on the old EMC wiki. If you bug JackBiggin about it, he might implement it onto the new one.
  4. Yeah jack has done this it just wasnt perfect and was very slow to load.
    You can still use it by clicking "Switch to easy voting" though.
  5. Jack plans on fixing it, just hasn't got round to it yet.
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  6. Other servers have a /vote command in-game that pulls up all the vote links.
    I like that option and hope EMC adds it.

    EDIT: EMC has /vote command, it just links to main vote site instead of individual links, but that is ok.
    Thank you BFInc.
  7. EMC has that already - /vote in-game brings up vote.emc.gs
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  8. Crap >,< I see the proplem im using a tv for my monitor
  9. I need to set a margin on the iframe