Earn free rupees with just a few clicks

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  1. Hey everyone, the MC server sites reset monthly. Rankings are based largely on how many people vote for the server. One site, MCSL, just reset today, so let's make EMC number 1!

    For both sites your vote gets you 50 free rupees, that's 100 total! The rupees are automatically credited and you can do this every 24 hours :)

    All you have to do is click the Rupees tab on the top of the site (and log in if you haven't already).
  2. Nice one, I'd have probably voted without the rupee incentive. BONUS!
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  3. Sounds awesome. I love to help the server, and now I can help myself too!
  4. i voted just to help, not for the rupees
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  5. Make it more than 50 rupees that won't even buy 1 diamond at the store, not that I already don't have 30,000 saved up from being a supporter but blaarg
  6. Can you give me some Rupees in my Zelda game too?;)
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  7. Correct when they go through that link they visit the homepage just like any other user. The difference is that when they actually go to the register page to join the site, your name will already be in the referral box :)
  8. It says my minecraft name ( newo88 ) is invalid?
  9. Umm I didn't touch the box like justin said above but it still didn't give meh any rupees?
  10. Can anybody help with that ?
  11. You have to put your username into the IGN (in game name) field when voting. But have no fear you can do it each day :)
  12. Sweet Now the Empire server is gonna reach the top best server soon :D
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  13. Thanks to everyone who has been voting! This has been a success so far we are already ranked #72 and we were way behind (votes reset at the first of the month and we didn't start until like mid month).

    I am still working on getting this site integrated: http://mcserverlist.net/servers/4e4d5e6c8d26be760c000690 you can vote on it now if you want to help but you won't receive any rupees :)

  14. I did put my user name in the first time Justin but it said it was invalid ?
  15. Na it's ok now I used my iPod and it has auto caps for the first word of every senetence! :p
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  16. Update: today i added another site MCSL so you can vote on two sites and get 100r per day. Enjoy!
  17. Ya diamonds are not so expensif:)