[EARN FAST RUPEES] MS paint job.

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    Hey guys!

    As some of you know, I'm a big magic the gathering fan and I'd like an image slightly edited for a t-shirt I'm making :)

    I need this image flipped so it is a mirror copy of the original, and
    this image with the text "my army. My aggression. My guild." Below it, also flipped. I will pay 1,000.00r for this to be completed :)
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  2. Done. Hope I did it right ->
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  3. Top one correct, bottom one, not so much. A), it didn't flip (look at the text), and B), just the image, not the card text. I will award you 500r for the first one though :)
  4. So what do you want for the secound one?
  5. He fiery fist picture (not be grey box) reversed, and ill throw in an extra 1k if you can make it look like its coming out of the shirt like there was claw marks and it was underneath. Also in reverse, the phrase "my army. My aggression. My guild."

    Just read a ton of articles of copyright infringement, and I think I check out OK :p
  6. Second image changed to make it easier. Still want the flip and flip text though!
  7. Just to note to people its 1,000r not 1 million. And I will try too :D
  8. Thank you for that. Someone has noticed. And no ripped effect for pic 2. I'm tired right now, it's midnight, and ill revise this later....

  9. I'm realllly confused by the instructions... So For the Second picture, you only want the inside picture to be flipped? Or the WHOLE thing?

  10. Second Image:
  11. Ohhh thats what he meant. Also, does this mean I don't get my 500r anymore?
  12. You can have the whole 1k. If I did it right, I dont need it :) And I like helping others :)
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  13. Nah, I don't really need it. I'll just take the 500r for the first picture. U can have the second 500 :D
  14. Could I have the text flipped as well? That'd be great! If you do I'll give you access to my ICC worshipping shrine ;)
  15. So you want backwards text? :confused:
  16. Yes he wants the text put onto the image like you did and then the entire image flipped, text included ;)
  17. Correct. I want it flipped so when I put it on transfer paper it doesn't come out backwards :D

    Will it already be the size of a piece of paper?