Earn fast and easy rupees at The WOOL factory

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  1. Hi people.

    At the wool factory on smp1 res#833 u can shear the wool for free to use on private projects or u can use it to earn fast rupees by selling it to me.

    Its open 24/7 and feel free to earn as much as u can!

    I will make a payout of 1000r to the one that have sold most wool to me in a week!

    First Bonus payout is the 18 may 2012 at 12.00AM (Norwigian time) And i do check the rupees history to see who sold me most wool.
  2. If I work for you can you supply me with shears I'll charge 25r per stack of wool
  3. For people who don't know, the res has Sheer chests where you can buy (for cheap) and different colored sheep. You sell a stack for idk what's the price, but for a stack. That's how it works.
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