Early Christmas Promo Ideas!

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  1. Just post your ideas below nd I'll create Custom Items out of it! :)
  2. Reserved

    Snowman Pet.png Note-Made pumpkin seeds because it makes a little more sense that way.

    Present.png Note-Made an enderchest because it looks cool!

    Coal.png [/quote]
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  3. A golden apple, as an ornament :)
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  4. Lol, nice idea, but I will make the item after school!
  5. A special pumpkin head that makes it so you can make a snow golem in town and he follows you around.
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  6. A "christmas present" <---actually a chest, and when opened can pick 2 of 5 items. I have no clue what to put in there. make them up. reply to this post with internal presents.
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  7. A promo that's only worth anything if you give it away. :p
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  8. A pine sapling that is soulbound and makes Christmas
    Music when placed down!
  9. Would the sapling return to the player's inv when the music is done playing? (If Inv is full sends towards the player's vault)
  10. I think it would continually play the music.
  11. i like the snowman idea as far as following you around in town XD but something i would like to add is it is time limited. once used the snowman would last for say 5 or 10 min and can only be used every half an hour or so or something to that affect.
  12. I usually don't like to beg for promos and things like that, but, as always, I think it's kinda fun coming with ideas... though I prefer some of the silly ones. :p
    Santa's Snowball
    Knockback 9001
    Send you friends on a
    One way vacation to the North Pole!
  13. xD I don't think Knockback 9001 is possible. If it is, yes please!
  14. THat is the best idea I have heard yet!
  15. These ideas are really cute! :)

    I don't have any ideas, and hope to be surprised when holiday promos come out. So excited! December holidays are the best.
  16. It is. I made a sword with it on my server and hit my friend with it. It crashed the server.
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  17. I am starting to make all of your ideas! For the knockback snowball, I'll do OVER 9000!!!
  18. Will you explain how I can make these?
  19. NBT editor
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  20. A Bow that throws snowballs and has punch 3.