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  1. I was wondering if there was a emc mumble server or if we could set something like that up?
  2. We don't have anything called a 'mumble' server... What is this?
  3. Its sort of like ventrillio you can get like a channel type thing i dont knwo if you costs money but you can talk to people on it http://www.mumble.com/
  4. Similar to TeamSpeak?
  5. We are considering adding some sort of "voice chat" in the future :) Not sure if it will be Mumble, TS, etc. So far Mumble is leading in my mind because of how easy it is to integrate it with our platform (usernames / permissions / etc).
  6. yes like teamspeak
  7. He wants a voice chat server for EMC. I thought somebody had something... but I don't remember. Posting our names for a skype confab would be cool too.
  8. Technically that should be a voice, not avoice... The spelling ninja strikes again!
    (Reference to another thread)
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  9. >.> Typo's dont count !
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  10. Awesome, a moderator who cares about proper use of language!
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  11. I have a mumble server setup for EMC currently, server is: Aikar.co

    yes, short and sweet

    though justin is investigating making an official one.
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  12. I would like this, even though there are some people who would not. It should definitely be an optional thing, and maybe there could be a separate channel for voice chatting? And how would spam and caps be regulated?
  13. If we decide to do a voice chat it would be moderated by the current moderators (if they feel like being in it) and possibly other special moderators we trust with the responsibility.
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  14. caps in voice chat?:confused::confused::confused:
  15. Caps = Yelling