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    Ladies and Gentlemen!

    I have decided that it is necessary to begin hiring employees for DynWave!

    I wasn't wanting to, but I have have found it difficult to manage orders and school etc. So therefore, I am looking for people who will be able to help!

    Employees will need to be dedicated. You're not robots, we understand, but you should be able to get to things promptly when possible. There is no age limit, we hire people based on how mature and dedicated we think the person is. You will be paid for your work, and we only want to pay people who we think deserve the pay.

    If you want to apply, please PM me and tell me a bit about you, when you can get on, how often you get on and some of your special skills.

    Here are some guidelines for what we would like to know:

    Location and timezone

    How often do you play EMC?

    Previous experience in the job you're applying for

    Your skills

    Ban record

    Open Positions:
    No open Positions

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  2. To add to that, here is the information we need to know:

    • Age
    • Location and timezone
    • How often do you play EMC?
    • Previous experience in the job you're applying for
    • Your skills
    • Ban record
    Of course, if you want your application to stand out, the application should be detailed! Remember, you're trying to 'sell yourself' to us!
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  4. What specifically would one do as a Redstone Engineer?
  5. They would help design different redstone products. And they would also construct them for customers.
  6. Redstone engineer is what I came to apply for! Hoorah!
    • Age: nu.
    • Location and timezone: Seattle, WA. PST (Pacific Standard Time)
    • How often do you play EMC? I don't. Log in almost every day, but aside from Redstone I have lost interest in Minecraft.
    • Previous experience in the job you're applying for: Lots of Redstone experience. If you want to see a lot of my smaller builds check out 7047 on SMP3. Everything on that residence is original and was designed by me.
    • Your skills: Redstone. All of it. Except...
    • ...My weakness (Added this one): Piston tapes. Never once even made a simple one, just something wrong with them.
    • Ban record: Banned once for haxoring (flying in Town), don't really know otherwise. I've been banned quite a few times on EMC but never permabanned and never for griefing/stealing etc. Banned once on another server for grief (a****le owner)
    Note: I don't claim to be "the best" at redstone, and outside of survival redstone I can't do really anything. However, the general populations skill level with redstone is far below mine. (Redstone? What's that for? Why does it make blood when I place it?) :p
  7. I might be able to me, will talk to you guys on Skype lol :p You guys probably know everything need from me already >_<
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  8. Bump! Still need redstone engineers! :D
  9. Age 15
    Location and timezone Vancouver Canada PST
    How often do you play EMC? Atleast 15 min/day
    Previous experience in the job you're applying for Made my own 30 minute length adventure map but it broke.
    Your skills Redstone. Pretty much all of it but not like 100000000x100000000 bulids
    Ban record None.
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  10. Would you be able to PM me? http://pm.emc.gs/mba2012
  11. Age-15
    Loc.-Est timezone
    EMC hours- 1 or more a day, usually
    Previous exp- Created builds such as boats, taverns, statues, etc. Not a pro, but not exactly an amateur either.
    Redstone skills- Sadly, none. I'm a designer, not a engineer.
    Ban record- Once, unfortunately.
    You need a cool structure planned and built, I'm your guy. =)
  12. Age: 16 years of age.

    Location and timezone: North Carolina, close to where Aikar lives if you know where that is.. ;) Also, Eastern Standard time.

    How often do you play EMC? I've been on EMC for 626 days as of this post, and I've taken many breaks. I'll be more active because it's Christmas break, and I have a LOT of more time on my hands than usual.

    Previous experience in the job you're applying for: Well, I was hoping to expand Dynwaves as a whole, which would supply more things to obtain. Redstone isn't my best subject, but I could help along with building arenas, or whatever Dynwaves has next in-store for the public.

    Your skills: Mining, a little of redstone experience, grinder construction, infinite villager making, farm construction, somewhat in building, collecting and gathering resources.

    Ban record: This may be a tad shocking and may be the breaker for me into joining Dynwaves, but I'll might as well continue and hope not to be judged upon my actions. I was permanently banned around my first 50 days for spamming, but it was a demonstration to a friend in real life of what would happen if you spammed. It was an honest mistake, won't ever happen again. I was then banned for 5-10 days (forget if it was 5 or 10, or possibly 1 day, I have no clue) for breaking erosego's bed in some fortress/castle in the frontier. It was from just anger. I was broke, had around nothing, and just overall frustrated. I also wanted to see what would happen if I just broke one bed. Yeah, I learned that the hard way. And then lastly, around a week to a month ago, at ICC's most recent head drop event, they spawned in some mobs, in a bedrock 3D rectangular prism and I built up to the very top, and enclosed myself in wooden planks, to not receive damage frmo the Momentus/Marlixes/Withers in the arena with others. I was then temporarily banned for 10 minutes, and I realized what I did was wrong around 30 minutes later. Phew, that was quite a lot. Well, thanks for the opportunity at least. Hopefully this won't affect your decisions of me joining Dynwaves. It was honestly a little challenging opening up and adding almost every single detail to my ban records.
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