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  1. I don't know if you all (Jusin or ICC or anyone else) is aware ... but when i tried bringing up the live map ... i noticed a message saying it was outdated appear - until i refreshed and it showed the players online, however some of the residences were not updated ... so i went to http://webbukkit.org/jenkins/public/dynmap/ .... to look at this list (if this is what you guys use) ... and sure enough, there has been a few updates .... so just as an opiniable suggestion - to maybe look into.

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  2. It works just fine for me...
  3. The Live Map is working just fine for me, I did PM IcC the other day to report that the Live Map needs updated to 1.3 (Display issues with new Blocks such as Emeralds) IcecreamCow told me he would forward the message on to JustinGuy. It could be assumed that this just hasn't been high priority due to the bugs in 1.3... Once they get that sorted out, it most likely won't be long before they get updated...

    I had a similar issue (not the same though) the other day, but it may have been linked to issues with the servers at that time...
  4. am i also right, or am i imagining things? that ... you used to be able to click a residence and it pop up what the name and number of the residence is? cause it's not doing that right now - unless if i hit something and it won't do it
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  5. I am having issues with the Live Map now also, but it could be because the servers are rebooting :p
  6. when 1.3.2 came out on august 16 - dynmap 0.70.2 was already out ... dynmap 0.70.3 came out on the 19'th of august ... and today 0.80.0 came out ... so just like with the server updates itself in buckitt - dynmap is a mod for the buckitt mod list ... and constantly needs updated too - but like every possibility - the reboot could be affecting it too atm
  7. I'd imagine Justin keep his plugins updated :) Could have been down for maintenance for a few minutes.
  8. The message I'm getting in a red box where the sun/moon usually appears is:
    Web files are not matched with plugin version: All files need to be same version (0.70.3-1298)

    Also, no people are showing up on the map.
    Hope it's fixed soon...
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  9. yep - that's the message i got - but today there is a 0.8.0 update from the 0.70.3 ... just saying - i mean its not even been a day so i wouldn't expect anyone to catch these things that fast :p
  10. It's still not working for me yet either... And I came here searching for if it's something that I need to update on my own, just this doesn't seem the case.