Dwight DC potions [COMPLETE]

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  1. Your order is complete and it is being valued at 3500r for a DC of instant health II potions!
  2. XD you could of sent it to him in a PM ^^
  3. hes not online and this is what he told me to do :p
  4. You don't create a thread telling someone their order is ready. A mod would definitely not tell you that.
    ba bum tssss
  5. its none of your business, thats exactly what he told me
  6. Please be nice, and don't spam the forums with threads, it's also frowned upon. Just telling you, and if he still hasn't picked them up I'd suggest PMing him, as most of the time threads get lost to others.
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  7. i posted once, its not spamming, jumping in on a random thread and telling me what not to do isnt nice.... ur Logic?

    - As he is very busy on multiple servers, i do not see him much and he asked me to do this
  8. Believe it or not, it is. If Kadboy posted an order every time an order was ready, that'd be spam. If everyone does it for every order they get, there would be soooo much spam.
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  9. Yea Yea now. No need start argue with each other. I told you start a Convo. with me but this is good enough. :)

    I give you 2k for it.
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  10. Now, now, you don't know for sure that this isn't what Dwight said.
    He posted one thread to grab the attention of Dwight, sure a PM might have been better, but he has done this, so leave him be about it.
    nvm dwight'd -_-
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  11. Sure i pay 3.5k for it... I won't be in on till tomorrow.
  12. Thats fine! ill try to catch u on
  13. Yea I payed for it can you just setup a access a chest for me on your res. :) please and thank you
  14. done, just walk in the front door and down into the basement where the potion maker room is