Dungeon Defenders!?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by marknaaijer, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Hey Empire Minecraftians,

    Is there someone here who gots the game ''Dungeon Defenders''?

    I love the game, and it would be cool to do a difficult level with 4 people from here, so maybe get some teams together here?
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  2. I play it...
  3. Now that you bumped it, I am intriuged, what is this game about?
  4. Sorry :p
    Anyways, it's about 4 kids who accidentaly released an evil ancient power. They have to fight to save the world. I have all the DLC, which has things like new characters, like the summoner, and new skins for your characters.
  5. I'm looking into this....
  6. It's like a childish version of LoL
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  8. I love Dungeon Defenders! Idk what platform you have it on, I have it on the 360 pm if you want to play on the 360:)
  9. I have it on PC with everything included, but I got into Minecarft again so not playing it that often anymore...
    You could buy the game, bur just wait for Hunble Bundle that gives you all the DLC. Spares you 50€.
    Do you got good stats on your heroes?
  10. On the Open, They are OP. on Ranked, not so much...
  11. I will never win a staring contest with that guy...
  12. I'm a tower mage and she's my +42 knockback kitty!