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  1. some really dumb things about minecraft are how minecraft servers and mods are fairly hard t download and figure out. I wish u could just press a magical button that says make minecraft server or download mod.
  2. Don't we all? My minecraft is completely screwed up on my mac. I don't know how it even manages to run. I can't get new texture packs, copy my worlds folder or anything. All my minecraft files have simply disappeared. It was hard enough to get a texture pack in the first place. xD
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  3. Nope, not hard at all. With windows its a breeze, macs on the other hand are not built for gaming, mostly video and sound editing and architecture, other than that macs are useless.
  4. ya but once u get on the actual minecraft there is no lag at all it is just like playin the xbox 360 but on a mac :D
    ya see

    if macs are useless then why do they cost like 3 times as much as windows?
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  5. I love my mac :) most of the time at least. It's great for uni cos it has such a long battery life. Not the best for MC though xD
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  6. Cus apple is money hungry, they actually are known to "purposefully" leeak information about a new release just to get the market hyped, then they release it at strategic dates so as to maximise profits.

    Another reason why I hate apple is because it is known that all their stuff is made in slave factories in China.

    If you own an apple product you are part of this.

  7. Foxconn makes Apples stuff in Japan.
  8. its interesting but some of it is crap
  9. Indeed and are commissioned by apple to do so, which makes apple part of the slave labour picture.
    Whats crap?