dumb airports :(

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  1. So i was flying from new york, to Cali and my flights delayed by 2 hours :(, I need someone to talk too!
  2. So do I. I filled my shop chest wrong and I lost over 5K rupees buying redstone dust, which is to say all of them. All while I was asleep! But your problem is IRL.
  3. i like trains... but i guess planes are cool too :)
  4. Put your selling sign command on instead of selling? D:
  5. They are pretty cool if you're not stuck in the airport when you will already be on a 6 hour flight lol
  6. Never flown but I've taken the bus to other states and the delays are just as much a pain.

    My first bus trip was full of a lot of delays because they didn't have their stuff together. Busses to and from St. Louis were filling fast. I remember our driver from St. Louis to Columbus, Ohio picked up people that weren't even supposed to be on our bus and we ended up late then when we go to Columbus he decided he wasn't driving for us anymore and it took 6 hours to find another driver. We finally got on the road and I didn't have anymore issues until I got to Philly and turned out my bus left twenty minutes before I got there because they changed the schedule and didn't tell anyone. So I had to wait twelve hours. I saw some crazy things xD

    My bus from Kentucky to North Carolina I didn't have any issues. My sister on her trip down however had issues and she was gonna be stuck in Raleigh for 14 hours. We drove the 4 hours and picked her up. :)
  7. Bus rides are always nice, going from one side of a country to the other, It might be easier to take a plane tho lol.

    - one good thing is mabye I can get to my 100th post while I'm here lol.
  8. I'm sure it is. Not looked it up but I bet it doesn't take that long to fly. Busses you're stuck in traffic.
  9. my flights going to be 6 hours long D:
  10. omg, my flight yesterday was 4 teehee.
  11. Long flights suck D:, longest was going to italy from new york. D:
  12. Mine was North Carolina to New York. Or North Carolina to Texas.
  13. i got by boat cus im UK so i either go boat or train to europe :D
  14. zzzz 2 hours left... hate busy airports.
  15. My longest flight was from kansas to New york.
  16. well my story with planes was when I was headed to Disney World a few years ago.. I went from Omaha, NE to somewhere in Tennennesse then to Orlando, FL. Stayed in Disney for a week then went to the East coast of FL at Daytona Beach for another week. Then we took the longest flight transfer: Orlando to Michigan then to Omaha and maybe somewhere in between.. We went cheap and took several flights instead of a direct one :p
  17. Hi Sorry To Hijack!! But Im Interested In This!! :D
  18. Bummer. Flight delays are the worst.
    My worst story was going from Virginia to Indy to Denver. That was supposed to be the flight. Weather delayed us in Virginia, Indy got closed, so we ended up in Philly. Missed our connecting flight out of Philly, wound up going to a local hotel for the night. Our luggage went on to Denver. Not sure how that works, but it made it fine. :confused:
    Got double booked into a room with a creepy old naked guy (who said we could share the room & patted the bed next to him...UH...no), got booked into a room, went up in an elevator, found out the Eagles were partying on our floor. It was insanity! Finally got to our room, went back down to the restaurant, tried to exchange our food vouchers, place was closed and all they had was dinner rolls. Ate our bread, went back to our room, crashed.
    Woke up next morning at 5am when they were trying to clean our room. Seems nobody ever recorded that we were booked into that room. We got screamed at for illegally being in a room, went downstairs, checked out, had breakfast & headed to the airport via the ghetto. It was a scary trip through a bad part of town.
    Got to the airport, called out from work, was told we were stuck for at least another 2 days, so we bought 2 tickets anywhere out of Philly. Flew to Green Bay. From there flew to Milwaukee, sat there for almost 3hrs, then finally got on a rickety (and very scary) plane that took us to Denver. Landed, immediately went home and died from exhaustion.

    Also got delayed from going to see my brother in Germany. Sat in the airport for almost 5 hours until they said over the P.A. that the plane was ready and the delay was because they had found a "strange metal object" in the engine. Umm...not exactly the best thing to tell people when they're about the spend the next 8 hours flying over the ocean. I didn't sleep a wink on that flight. I was convinced we were going to go tumbling into the ocean at any point.

    I'm not exactly a big fan of flying. And delays are the worst. Best of luck to ya! Enjoy your time, hopefully you have a laptop, a good book or a few magazines to occupy your time. :)