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  1. Hi my username is Dudelol523 and I own the 1917 smp1 res. It has a Blackmarket (mini shop :3) and a Casino. It has a few games that no one else have and that's because I believe I came up with cause I do not see it on youtube either (although recently someone saw my wiring for 1 of my games and allowed him to make it at his casino ^.^). One of the most recent added yesterday is a in-game lottery system and I want to advertise that so come to 1917 and go to the casino section and read the info it won't hurt :). Lottery tickets are 30r each and the current jackpot from today is 300r+ (the more tickets bought the more it goes up) after 10 tickets are bought that same day at Eastern night time around 7-8pm i will draw and you can still win if your not there i would hold your prize for you. But the great thing i think about my jackpot different from others is that the jackpot stacks if noone wins this draw it will carry on to the next and keep adding up till someone does :). So come check my res out people you won't regret it :).
  2. dudelol you go that from me you have to tell them that i helped come up with the idea because i told you yesturday that you should do a lottery
  3. You told me to do a lottery but i came up with the system? dont post anymore iam starting to not like you
  4. Thou shall be respectful.
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  5. That all sounds great! I was one of the first to test your blackjack game and that was good so I'll definitely come and buy a ticket for the lottery.
  6. Yea sorry, I'am generally a nice person kevin is the first person to really mess with the beast in a cage :| if you know what I mean :p
  7. "You wont like me when im angry"
  8. dudelol still i came up with the idea for you to have the lotto i get aleast 5% of the credit if i dident tell you to make a lotto you problly wouldent have one now and lol happyshooper
  9. You may have had the idea, but he still came up with the design and built it.
    Unless you helped him to make it too, you cant really get any credit.
  10. Yep thats me happy "you won't like me when I'am angry" xD but i don't remember being a female :3 lol and ty for backing me up rainbow he went on and on about it even when Bigdavie told us to stop arguing about it lol but, seriously stop reposting the same thing over and over kevin :|. We done here Kevin no more arguing about it please this is a advertisement :) not a court room
  11. dont care im /ignoreing you dudelol and im going to stop getting players to go to your res
  12. Good luck with that mate as he's probably /ignored you too.
  13. Wow, you must be a big power house on SMP1....
  14. Is that even legal to stop them going to his GOOD res :p oh and Dudelol has the lottery i was in been drwawn yet?
  15. Yeah, don't mess with him. He gets angry when he is hungry!
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  16. yea scar it was jotbot5000 won the 1000r :p
  17. Only 4 words to say: How old are you?
  18. From his grammar i would say around 8-11 years old.
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  19. This seems like it's about to turn really ugly soni suggestblocking the the thread and reposting it. Oh and Kevin tons of people have been doing lotteries ever since I was a noob (over a year ago)!!!!!
  20. Pro approves
    A couple days back i took a visit here. It's epic
    And Kevin, lotteries have been here for a While.