Dubstep? In MINECRAFT?!?!?!?!?

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  1. The fluff approves!
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  2. I didn't see any actual gameplay from Minecraft, so I don't see why it's "In minecraft".
  3. Dude it's dup step. What did you expect? IcC turning into a chicken?
  4. I mean, I don't see what the music has to do with Minecraft. I might expect maybe a "dub-stepped" cluck or something.
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  5. Interesting... I would like to have dubstep on minecraft. Like, In-game...
  6. Nick has a point, I mean, it does just have steve and Mr. Cobble freak out.. But, dubstep rules! :D
  7. I think it would be from ItsJerryandHarry and would have farts...
  8. How to dance to Dubstep:
    1. Wait for the drop.
    2. Have a seizure/freak out.
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  9. Why not have dubstep playing while you play Minecraft? It works fine for me, that is, when my computer decides not to freeze up when I switch between the two.
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  10. :D Most kids at my school don't listen to dubstep... They listen to the crap called rap by M&N...
  11. How to make dupstep

    1. Start with techno beat
    2. Add on random sounds
    3. Rise up to maximum volume
    4. Scare the living sh*t out of your audience
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  12. Hmm..... Just thought of this.
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  13. I sometimes listen to this when playing Minecraft.
  14. Sometimes, I listen to this. Why?
    Look at the penultimate post on the homepage.
  15. LOL dub step is the best.
  16. Yes.
  17. I've been looking on how to change the .Ogg files from the discs, but, the .mus files can't be generated, therefore I must conclude that there must be a mod for that type of experience...:D
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  18. Welllllll..... if you use the effect command to get jump boost 127 and speed 127 (7 and 2 I believe) + Nuasia will get you it.... Also effect 13 is water breathing...
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  19. I have no idea on how to respond to that... Lol:p
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