(Dubstep :3)

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  2. ...
    Words can't describe how epic that is.
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  3. I'll give it a try, I don't really like dubstep. I'll try anything with the word "Portal" in it though.
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  4. Okay, I'll be honest. The first one was sheer bliss, the second one made me want to stab my ears with a fork.
  5. :p
  6. Well while we're at it:

    I think there is a pretty big difference between dubstep and dubstep remixes, as the remix still must be a recognizable version of the original, and therefore is (at least to me) at the very least tolererable.
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  7. Put in a warning for swear words on the first one, didn't listen to the second one. That way younger kids know not to watch them.
  8. Swear words? Wat?
  9. The d word, saying that because I don't cuss. It's in the pre-recorded messages.
    Not you sparer... Spenser's.
  10. You mean...

    I'd hardly call that a swear myself.
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  11. Yes... But I call it a swear and I'm guessing most parents do also.
  12. Well I myself have never met a parent who considers that a curse.
  13. Man... you probably wouldn't stand being around me when I allow myself to speak freely. :p My kids won't ever get a hard time for swearing. Not from me or my wife, anyhow.
  14. Haha, sounds like me when I'm not on emc. I swear more than most of the kids at my school xD
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  15. Just to make everyone happy i added a warning thingy.....
  16. I swear more then you .-.
  17. This some kind of Who Swears The Most contest now?
  18. Yes, I mean, no.