1. DropZone
    Play DropZone today! its basically a Drop Party House and 18 items drop 25% of a Diamond!
    Only 30 rupees to get in!
    2 in 3 People Like DropZone!
    To find DropZone, Go to SMP 8
    Then, type /v meerkatman1 then look
    Behind you!

  2. Any Questions About DropZone Please ask me and ill answer.
  3. Could I please see some consumer reviews?
  4. Yes but before i must say MiniOreoCookie and kitten3101 love it. I cant find them right now but
    MiniOreoCookie always says "Thx for letting me play" and kitten3101 bought a Life Time ticket for 250R, which lets you have infinite games for free. MiniOreoCookie Spends all her money on DropZone and Wants to always play. That's all I can give you right now.

    Play DropZone Today!
  5. what time ?
  6. So basically, I can pay 250r and play infinite times?
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  7. I can confirm I love DropZone!
  8. Anytime im online!

    Play DropZone Today!
  9. URGENT MESSAGE TO ALL DropZone FANS: This may not happen,but im hoping to make DropZone BIGGER BETTER AND MORE COLOURFUL AND THAT EQUALS: *OMFG I LOVE DropZone!*
    PS: Keep updated on the DropZone thread!

    Play DropZone Today!