Dropping supplies or food for frontier towns!

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  1. A DC of food will cost: 1000r
    A SC of food will cost: 500r

    Please report to me online on smp5 for any orders!

    A DC of tools will cost roughly 100-200 r depending on tool type (no higher than stone unless supplied)

    I also am able to set up redstone auto farms for 100r per 10x10 square of space used

    Please ask for any problems you seem to come across in this post.

    Thank you!!!!
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  2. Hmm, so you deliver supplies to towns who don't feel like making it back to town and doing it? That's pretty smart. Perhaps you should charge for the distance from the outpost to spawn, as you'd need to walk the whole distance or nether it.
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  3. Great idea! I see this coming in very handy for some of us in the future :p