Drop Party!

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Do you like drop parties?

YES 7 vote(s) 77.8%
NOOOOOO 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Whats a drop party? 2 vote(s) 22.2%
  1. Gobstone308 built this very awesome drop party area on smp7 lot 14224 made out of wool. Today we are going to have a drop party at hopefully 7:00pm Eastern time. I have already filled 20/35 dispensers. You can ask some of the people like Lehmaqr and gremlindan how much they love Gobstone308's and I's drop parties, There is an entree fee of 50r, we might raise it to 75r or 100r, they are enchanted tools/armor and ores in the dispensers+ WAY MORE. We hope you can attend this very awesome drop party.

  2. Now 24/35 dispensers have been filled.
  3. Does anybody even ENJOY drop parties?
  4. 29/35 dispensers filled with enchanted tools and armor. ( NOT level 1 enchants )
  5. I would love to come! I should be able to make it. Also, the item in your achievement in the signature is the unimplemented block Crying Obsidian.
  6. I'll definitely come if the servers are up at the point and time. :p
  7. Hahaha. Maybe you should make it earlier, like 6ish? Up to you...(do it now while I'm still home)
  8. I feel dumb now. I guess the servers are still up, even though a few people can't connect. Oh well.

    I do agree that it should be earlier, or less people will want to or be able to come.
  9. I think it should be later but thats coming from someone who doesnt have school tommorw [memorial day in the U.S.] so I can be on as late as I want. :)
  10. Try again now. My sig icon went red for a bit but it's green now. :)
  11. Oh, no, I could connect, but a lot of others said that they couldn't earlier. I must have just barely missed the login servers going offline. Cool thing ya got in your sig, though. Guess it would be helpful to have. :p

    EDIT: Wait, so 7pm EST is what time for CST? 6pm, right? Meh, any time works for me anyways.
  12. It's so useful! I just glance at a post of mine and I can tell straight away :) They weren't offline for long, less than an hour from my estimates.
  13. Attention all! The drop party willl be at 6:15 EASTERN TIME! Please come, it will be EPIC. smp7 lot 14224 its made out of wool.
  14. Ahh I cant come to it. ):
  15. Yay! Be on in 15, don't start without me. I already payed 50r to gobstone, I did it earlier, he can check his rupees history (I bought the dirt)
  16. it got raised to 100r because it costed it us 4,000r to get the items, so ya. Drop party starts in 6 MINUTES! smp7 14224!
  17. LAST call for the drop party! come to 14224 on smp7! Enchanted tools/armor up to level 20! And DIAMONDS
  18. Nevermind, drop party is cancelled.